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About Us

Morgan’s Farm to Table is an expression of environmental and social responsibility. We are fortunate to have so many caring, artisan producers within our reach. At Morgan’s Farm to Table, we believe that the right way to do business is in a way that preserves local family farms, utilizes minimal resources and is knowledgeable about the sourcing of all ingredients. The farmers and producers below are an example of the care and thoughtfulness that goes into the planning of our business on a day-to-day basis.


Revier Cattle Company - Olivia, MN

Living Water Gardens - Wells, MN

Larry Schultz Organic Farms - Owatonna, MN

Astro Green farm –Prior Lake, MN

HD Beef Works – Northfield, MN

InHarvest - Bemidji, MN

Denny’s 5th Avenue Bakery – Bloomington, MN

Gentlemen Forager – St Paul, MN

Comfrey Farm Prime Pork, Windom MN


In addition to the focus we bring to what goes on our plates, we are also mindful of how we operate our business. We are enthusiastic recyclers. We purchase products that contain minimal amounts of packaging, and we utilize as little of our natural resources as possible – including gas, water and electricity. Whether a hotel guest, catering guest, or a local community guest, our mission remains the same, to be a pioneering concept that truly celebrates local, sustainable farms and producers. At Morgan’s we are conscientious of our impact on the environment and are dedicated to minimizing our carbon footprint in all areas. We are proud to be a property that is recognized by our community and our peers for being responsible stewards of resources.